Car Dealer Inventory Management Software

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Used Car Lot Management Software

Car dealer inventory management software 

Car Dealer Inventory Management application

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 Many dealers asks which Auto Dealer Management Software is the best in the market?

This is very common question that has been asked by auto dealers.

In fact, any auto dealer software (DMS) is good for your dealership if can do the job and process your sales and keep your inventory without any issue and sure without added monthly or yearly fees, that will be very costly for long run.

Many polls, and groups have tried to answer this question without success for years. Why? basically they are asking the wrong question. When investigating in auto dealer management software (BHPH), dealers should be asking; which is the best auto dealer software for my business as used car dealer?

Used automotive dealers are unique in many ways. Auto dealer is not like other inventory itemizes business,  in that they are very similar in operations throughout the country. Auto dealer operations can vary based on a number of factors that include but are not limited to the following:;

  • Vehicle Types
  • Location (Country, State and City)
  • New or Used Vehicles Sold
  • Service Repair (Maintenance)

One of the most overlooked factor is the logical dimension of the dealership business. The size of the dealership is the major factor (number of sold vehicles in one year) . A smaller dealership limits the number of vehicles that can be kept in physical location which will most likely lead to more special purchases and may cause less profits, so add up the yearly cost for your car dealer software!!

Also configuration of the Service Department affects the write-up and repair process.

I could go into more details throughout the dealership, but you get the point. Due to the differences, used auto dealer business processes vary from dealership to dealership. It is important to consider your dealership business processes when investing in used auto dealer software. Some dealership focus to much on the unused features and over kill functionality and only use about 50% of what the DMS system offers. Other auto dealers look solely at the first pay of software and struggle later because they are missing the monthly or yearly cost and the add up after years.

So what is the best auto dealer management software for you? The simple answer. Is it the system that offers:

  1. A lot of features and functionality, I don't use 50% and cost more than I can handle
  2. Less features and functionality, cost less but not enough for run my business
  3. A mid range of important features and functionality for a mid range cost, with important features to run my business (This is we offer for your car lot business)

The correct answer could be 1, 2 or 3. The best auto dealer software is the one that supports and/or enhances your auto dealer lot business processes and produces a return on investment. There are many good auto dealer  software to support a used car dealership. Make sure you do your homework and try our best DMS for your dealership.